Everything but the Kitchen Sink

When you have eight people in a tiny space, an open feeling becomes critical.  With this in mind, we have left all the windows, kept the paint light, and intentionally avoided overhead storage.

There are five cabinets in our mobile kitchen.  We emphasized drawers wherever possible as this accounts for most of the storage available in the bus.  We left 25 inches at the end of one bay to allow for a refrigerator.  For now, a mini-fridge is adequate but if we start using the bus for longer periods of time, we can replace it with a taller apartment model with much greater capacity.

kitchen cabinets

Look at all that floorspace!  That aisle is a decadent 42 inches wide!

The cabinets are screwed together to make one unit, and then the back of each cabinet is screwed into the steel ribs that run up between each window.  The big self-tapping screws were supposed to be able to power through the steel ribs, but we found pre-drilling to be a must.


Interfacing with the windows was a real challenge, but after measuring three or four times, we realized that removing the toe kick from the cabinets (a quick but nerve-wracking job with a circular saw) dropped the height to just where we wanted it.  Then we ordered the countertop without a backsplash and everything fit perfectly!



Believe it or not, this kitchen has more linear feet of counter-space than the one in our home.

One thing it does not have, is a sink.  We have a sink base cabinet in place, but we are going to try and camp in it a few times to see if the sink is truly necessary.  Water systems are complicated and the fewer systems we add to Blunderbus, the less there is to go wrong.

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