Please Be Seated

Many a motor home is equipped tiny dinette barely seating four, but that isn’t going to work with 6 kids!  The plywood boxes screwed to the floor don’t make us overflow in confidence either.

If only we had some nice steel benches that we could bolt to the frame of the bus and maybe even attach seat belts, that would be great!


We lucked out as the benches that came with our bus were seat belt ready.  We just needed to bolt them on.

We eventually found that removing the sheetmetal strip and routing the underneath the rear bar allows the belts to come out at a better angle.  I’ll have to find a pic of the improved mounting.


We have three benches with three seat belts and one smaller bench with two which gives us a total seating capacity of twelve including the driver.  Bear in mind, that is twelve if they have very small butts.  Double dinettes also allows a more reasonable eating arrangement.


The first living area of the bus is starting to come together.


Next step, bunkbeds!

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