What Have We Gotten Gotten Ourselves Into?

It was an incredible rush to finish the Blunderbus in time for an epic family road trip to Colorado for a graduation. We focused more on getting things done than on writing about what we were doing. Unfortunately, new mechanical problems cropped up 2 miles down the road and we had to turn around. It was actually a blessing in disguise as we had a great trip in spite of leaving the bus behind.

I do have a lot of rage towards the mechanic who performed our pre-purchase inspection…

The end result is that we now have a poorly-documented, uninsured, mechanically-unsound skoolie. Luckily, the first problem is one we can fix so expect more posts on the conversion process!

The farm has us equally demoralized, as our tree losses are much higher than we expected. The farm has been thoroughly relegated to the status of “hobby” and we’ve given up the idea of making a profit for the time being. This takes a little pressure off and lets us focus on having some fun again. We are also doing several experiments at home in our tiny back yard so there are more posts to come.

In the meantime, perhaps I can appease my dear readers with gratuitous cuteness?

Gratuitous Cuteness

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