Getting Rid of That School Bus Smell

I just realized I skipped a post so let’s look at ripping out that rubber flooring.

A spud-bar, several crow-bars, and a prodigious amount of scraping resulted in a nice clean subfloor with no nasty smell. We tried using a heat gun, but it is a long distance from the house and there wasn’t enough juice at the end of that cord. Elbow grease it is!

No more smelly floor

We went down the aisle and used spray foam insulation to seal the bolt holes from the seats. After that, we chucked a wire wheel into a drill and stripped any interior rust spots. A spot coat of black rust-converting spray paint should help keep the metal in good shape. After that, we followed with a nice flat grey paint that nearly perfectly matches the existing color. That’s weird, I always thought the inside was blue!


This is a family project, and we start ’em young!

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