2015 Apple Planting

Today the snow is finally sticking on the ground and the maple sap is running. I find myself thinking of warmer days with family and friends.

In early May 2015 we planted over four hundred trees in nice neat rows. The rows were spaced every twelve feet and the trees were planted on a three-foot spacing. That filled out a little more than half of our one-acre trial field.


The trees where delivered a week after our youngest, Philomena Rose, was delivered…


We had orders from two different nurseries. We scheduled delivery a week apart so we could plant on two Saturdays in a row. Our friends and family really came through on both weekends and made this an achievable task. To everyone who helped, thank you so much! We couldn’t have done it without you!


It isn’t an entirely happy story. Many of the trees never leafed out, including all eight of our cherries. Of those that did, many struggled with disease. May and June had double the yearly average rainfall and the rest of the summer was pretty dry. This was pretty rough on our little trees. Spring will tell us how many are left.

To be fair, I was pretty sure that many of the original 49 trees we planted wouldn’t make it through their first winter, but they all proved sturdier than I expected.

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