Stripped Bare

The Blunderbus is looking a little naked…

A school bus bench is bolted to a side rail that runs down the length of the bus and through the floor near the center aisle.  With Ohio winters and salty roads, we found that almost none of those bolts could be removed with wrenches.

The dealer offered to grind out all of the benches and scrap them for $200.  $200!?  Aren’t the benches worth money?  I bet we could do it ourselves and make money!

We borrowed a cutting torch that we really didn’t know how to use.  When that tank ran dry we switched to a couple of angle grinders. Doing this project ourselves put us two months behind our planned schedule because we only get to work on the weekends.

An incredible amount of work went into ripping out these benches.  I cannot tell you how much I wish I’d paid someone else to do this job.  That is a lesson that I hope will sink in.

One good thing to come out of this is that we can reuse some of the benches when we make our dinettes.


My beautiful supervisor has given her approval of the benches staged to become dinettes.



“Are you going to be making noise again?”


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